Collection Sinfonia by Mario Cioni brand represent crystal handcraftsmanship. With its engraving and decoration strictly realized by hand, this collection expresses refinement sensation and elaborate elegance.

Brightness for your spaces

Thanks to the engravings on the surface, Sinfonia collection is able to give extreme brightness to all spaces. In fact, this cut permit to re-direct the light and spread it all around the object.

Persephoneby Tondo Doni brand is a collection dedicated to vases that fascinates by the ethereal lightness of its forms. The particular surface of these vases create an elegant drapery.

Avantgarde design

Persephone represents the sinuous harmony of nature re-proposed in the strokes of an austere design, Persephone is the timeless elegance of a contemporary legend.

Passion is the primary driving force at Mario Cioni & C. A long growth fruit to give a shape to sound. MCCS introduces a new sensorial dimension: beauty to be listened too. High fidelity comes into your home to charm your senses.

Fruit of passion.

Enrobed in luminous crystal Hystrix will captivate you; you will feel compelled to touch its surface. Hystrix are not only high-performance loudspeakers but a new archetype of interior architecture where purity of sound merges with beauty of shape. Prepare yourself for a listening experience never seen before

Shapes inspired by transparent elegance of the ghost of the seas. Charm that is able to enchant with the Gorgon look from which it takes its name, Medusa.

Elegant shape and Greek mythology

Thought and designed by Niccolò Poggi who, after Persephone by Tondo Doni, follows his excursus in Greek mythology. Prepare to be left in stone!

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