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Mario Cioni & C and its research of beauty is translated into creative inspiration and emotional design. Brightness and shape become one thanks to the skillful hands of our artisan that bring to life decorative objects capable to enrich any space.

Crystal and interior design

Home, in every sense, becomes an inspiration source. Each space of the house has its own dedicated collections, unique objects that enrich your home and touch your feelings without forgetting the functional aspect. You will no longer do without our emotional interior design collections.


Mario Cioni & C and its research of pleasure is translated into a meticulous study of the shape, brightness and material of each tumbler and stemware. Our completely handcrafted production permits the creation of elegant and ergonomic tableware that will make unique any moment.

Crystal and tasting pleasure

Tasting a wine or a liquor becomes an experience that involve all senses. Shapes thought to elevate aromas and stimulate mouth and hands touch sensation, as well as brightness to highlight colors note will make you feel a triumph of emotions for unforgettable moments.

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