Vase Orphos
Vase Orphos
Vase Orphos

Vase Orphos

A classic collection born from the typical workmanship of the cased crystal. 

  • Amber
  • Transparent


A classic collection born from the typical workmanship of the cased crystal. The amber chrome plating is well amalgamated with the cobalt blue or clear crystal . The cuts completely hand- made discovers the underlying color creating magic gold reflexes.

Product Details

Pure crystal 24% of PbO
mouth blown
cased crystal
Height (mm)
diameter (mm)

About Mario Cioni

The brand Mario Cioni, takes its name from the founder of the company, and is characterized by lines and geometries based on the classic canons of high art glassware. Each article of the brand is handmade by our craftsmen who, after years of experience and knowledge in the field, are able to create unique works of their kind, original and of the highest quality. The brand Mario Cioni, transports us to a bygone era, where the perfect and harmonious lines set on humanistic and Renaissance designs, are the protagonists. A versatile production, to be included in any space, with a strong personality of its own, and a soul to be discovered. These articles are artistic expressions able to communicate refinement and elegance.

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